Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dakar in Paper.

I am actually glad to be a paper modeler, I have found and bought numerous Dakar themed models.

The lack of the theme in styrene/plastic is kind of disturbing, of the 9 kits I know which exsist, I have 4 of them.
Two of them are standard car model size, 1:24/25 scale, and the other two are 1:43, I used to have the Range Rover model which Heller released back in the middle '80's.
The ones I have are the two Tamiya kits, the 1989 and 1990 Peugeot 405 M 16 cars, the two 43 scale cars are the 1987 Peugeot 205 T16 and a 1988 Peugeot 405 M16.
Heller also released a Mercedes Benz Racing truck, but I lost that one in an ebay auction.

The newer ones, are 3 snap tite kits from Revell Germany, a Race Touareg from Team Red Bull Volkswagen, an X-5 from Team X-raid, and a Nissan pickup from the Nissan factory team. I have only seen the Race Touareg at the local hobby shop, might pick that up someday.

In comparison, the free paper kits available nowadays is mindboggling, I would estimate that the free ones out number the plastic kits 5 to 1.

The published kits in my collection, usually bought from Czech paper model retailers, focus mainly on the Czech truck teams, which of course stands to reason.
I have all but two that I have noticed might be released soon, might need to place an order soon.

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