Friday, July 07, 2006

Minibox models

Minibox, no, not mini boxes, Minibox.

Minibox, is a line of models designed by Milan Weiner, his models have been featured in the Czech kids/general knowledge magazine, ABC.
The scale of the models are 1:100, making most of the models 2 to 2.5 inches long, saves space for sure.

The models are usually one sheet, maybe a bit more, but allow for various levels of detail.
The basic version can be made up from one part or up to 3 or 4 parts.
Whereas the adult version can be detailed with doors and hatches, and even wheels.

Milan has designed 8 models with a Dakar bent, the first two models were models of two czech trucks which competed in the 1989 edition of the race.
One of the trucks was the truck in which Clay Reggazoni challenged the race in.

The Marlboro truck for those who were wondering :P.

Over the years, ABC has released and re-released some of the models. In July 2005 , they re-released the Mercedes Benz 1963AK, I am not sure of the original release date.

The first one Minibox model I did, just happen to be a Dakar, go figure right?

The model I started, and ultimately finished was the Tatra T815 8x8. I wrote a build review over at, visit it here

I have in the work bins one of two trucks which were released by WDS, Milan's design company, the trucks themselves represent the trucks which competed in the 1992 Paris Le Cap race, from what I read, and I need to do more on this version, the racers started in Paris, and finished down in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 8x8 and the Le Cap trucks are the only two sets of models which where published and sold in retail channels, the others, the 3 above and one unmentioned and the two published kits did see light in issues of the ABC magazines.

The Minibox line of models, range from the Dakar models mentioned above, to vans, cars, a sno-mobile, and tractor trailers, even a few double decker buses from London.
There is also a line of 1:300 models, one of the model kits represents a town in the Czech Republic, Podskali, there are also parts which make up the airport in Slatina.

I must admit that I did print the image of the two trucks and build both of them, I can only wish that ABC re-releases those models so that those who missed it, can get a copy.

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