Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cloning, The ultimate form of flattery?

I guess the title does say it all.
I have heard of people changing themselves to look more like their favorite Stars, but this might be a bit more novel.

I previously wrote about Minibox, and the popularity of the models.
Which in turn has spawned a whole bunch of fans to design their own versions, cars, trucks, farm equipment.
Some months ago, I came across, these guys are good, lots of great looking designs, and subjects.

Ivan Chmely, the designer of the Paper Case line, was the first person I started to collect and build, he released 3 Dakar models, and has a 4th listed.
This led me to try to find more models, one of the lines of models which has me drooling is the LBS System .

These models rival the detail I have seen on the bigger 1:32 models I have.
There are about 14 models on the site, He also has a Liaz truck from the Munich to Marrakesh rally, and a Tatra 8x8 Kolos from the Truck Trial competition, I will expand on that topic in a future post.

The LBS System models need to be printed on A4 sheets, I tried it on Letter size, lets just say that it sucks doing it that way.

This is LBS' version of the 1988 Tatra 8x8 truck, one of the more recognizable vehicles in Dakar history.
Roman Hruska is working on a 1:32 version of this truck too. Almost like all those BF/ME-109 models that are out there...

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Tomas said...

How to print LBS system model in 1/100 scale:

I use IrfanView with this "Print Setup:

Print size: Best fit to page (aspect radio) = Resulting image size on paper: 28.6x20.3 cm; 11.3x8.0 inches (this you can see in right-bottom corner).