Sunday, August 12, 2007

Racing on Tempura Oil

We have all read stories about people tweaking their diesel engined vehicles to run on various bio fuels, deep frying oil being the most used. The Indy Racing League is for the first time running Ethanol, so it is no stretch of the imagination, that some of the other racing series and events would see an influx of bio-fuels. Ukyo Katayama, a former Formula One driver, entered the 2007 Dakar driving a Toyota Landcruiser, running on used Tempura oil. To commenmorate the race, a paper model was released of the Landcruiser, you can visit(site has been removed) The model is a nice simple model, nothing that will trip up anyone. Enjoy, and maybe next time you are at a Japanese restaurant, and you order Tempura, the oil used might just power a race car.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weathering the Storm, so to speak.....

One of the few things I never really got into was weathering, I tried it on a truck model, using model paint, never really liked it, never got a good mud pattern.

Forward to the present day, one of the members at showed one of his little tricks, He showed off a weathering set from Tamiya, check it here.

I have picked up all 4 sets, only 3 were shown in the thread above, the fourth set has burnt blue, for burnt metal, like header pipes and exhausts, and the Oil Stain, for leaking oil from vehicles or aircraft, there is also a burnt red for rust colored burnt metal

I picked up my sets from Hobbylinc

I will try to use them in the future, on some of the more simple models, from to see if what works, I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Two takes on a Race Winner

The Peugeot 405 T16, a coupe based full time 4 wheel drive monster of a rally car, won the 1989 Dakar.

When I saw this car first, I was like, "Ok, this will kick some ass."

As a result of the win, two paper models were released, one from ABC, designed by Michal Antonicky, which I have been building, but haven't finished yet, one day I will, I have the thread of the build here ABC 405 Build
Yes the car is still wheelless, I guess I need to remedy that some day.

The other model, a promotional model released by Peugeot, was designed by Dr. Gerard Colbere.
The model is simple compared to the ABC one, there is no scale indicated in the french directions, but I would say the model is a bit smaller than the other one, probably 1:35 or smaller.
I was able to find a thumbnail image of the kit,

But more importantly, I was able to score one on Ebay, now I need to score a second one before I start to build one.
I do consider this model to be one of the more rare Dakar paper models out there, the Polish truck I wrote about earlier, I feel is also one of the more rare models, as I was only able to snag one from PaperModelStore and Moduni.

Peugeot raced the 405 four times in the Dakar, the models represent the Pioneer clad models from 1989.
They also raced in Camel colors,

There are other 405 models, Tamiya released two versions of the 405, in 1:24 scale, Bburago also released two diecast models, one is a pre-assembled one, with a blue body, and a white bodied DIY version.
Other models are diecast models in 1:43, by Ixo, Norev and others, and a couple of smaller diecast cars, Majorette, a french company which makes Matchbox style cars, and the 405 car they released looks alot like the Camel clad cars.

During the years from 1984 to 1991, the Dakar Car class was won by cars, prior to that, and since then, the Car class has been dominated by SUV based vehicles.