Sunday, August 12, 2007

Racing on Tempura Oil

We have all read stories about people tweaking their diesel engined vehicles to run on various bio fuels, deep frying oil being the most used. The Indy Racing League is for the first time running Ethanol, so it is no stretch of the imagination, that some of the other racing series and events would see an influx of bio-fuels. Ukyo Katayama, a former Formula One driver, entered the 2007 Dakar driving a Toyota Landcruiser, running on used Tempura oil. To commenmorate the race, a paper model was released of the Landcruiser, you can visit(site has been removed) The model is a nice simple model, nothing that will trip up anyone. Enjoy, and maybe next time you are at a Japanese restaurant, and you order Tempura, the oil used might just power a race car.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea - good food and helping the environment all at once! I must let the wife know about this ;)