Thursday, July 06, 2006

I hate when that happens

I Suck, I know, I shouldn't have said that, but it is true in this case.
After I posted my first entry I did a search on ebay and google to see how far I was off on my plastic kit count, and I was off, boy was I off. There were kits I remember wanting, forgot about them, and then there are kits I didn't know which were released.

I said in my first post that there were 9 kits, I should have doubled that number and added 2.
Of the 20 kits that I have recalled, found, and have, I have 5 kits, to finish that part of my collection, I only need 15 more, not that bad a number, but I can only imagine what the cost would be.
And I haven't even started with the resin kits from Europe, then again, I never could get into resin as a modeler, but then again, nothing tried nothing gained.
Only major problem I see with me even starting to build these kits, is the massive outlay in paints, glue, filler and what ever else I do not have anymore. Maybe I have to wait until I have my own house, that way I won't choke or get high off the fumes, one of the bennies of paper modeling :)

I need to recount the preprinted kits that I have in my collection, maybe I am off on those also?

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