Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dakar, Super Deformed Style

You might have seen the SD Gundams or similar mecha or characters, well vehicles are not immune to the SD treatment either.

Oniya, a Japanese paper model designer has recreated various rally, sportscars and even the record breaking Suzuki Grand Vitara of Monster Nakajima, representing the record breaking car from the 2007 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, in the Super Deformed style.

He even recreated the 2007 and 2008 entries from Hino Team Sugawara.

Oniya posted on his website both team trucks, driven by Teru and Yoshi Sugawara.

One of the interesting things about Team Sugawara, at least to me, they have the distinction of being recognized by the Guinness World Records, as the only team with 25 consecutive appearances in the Dakar rally, from 1983 to 2007.

Oniya released the models in pepakura's pdo format, for my own sanity, I printed the files though Acrobat Distiller, and created the pdf files in order for me to print them easily.
One of the things I lucked out on was the placement of the parts, they all fell within the bounds of a Letter size sheet of cardstock.

The model itself is pretty easy, nothing that will trip up anyone with experience.
I can do it, so can you.....

I have waiting in the on deck file, both of Yoshi's trucks, so when the mood strikes me to finish the team, it will also add nicely to my growing Japanese Dakar contingent.

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