Saturday, November 06, 2021

Dakar Museum

I have written about Volker and his Racepaper site and his Dakar models. In recent years Volker has released models in 1:87 scale, which here in the United States is H0 scale, the same as H0 trains. If you follow Volker, and his yearly advent release of models, you might have seen his H0 scale RVs and campers, but as of last year, he has released various parts to build a museum for his H0 scale Dakar models. You can find the parts for the museum at the above mentioned link, just scroll down to Projekt87 and click on Dakar Museum, you will also see links to the numbers 83 and 85, those are the years Volker has release some of the interesting or noteworthy racecars from those years. You can download the Mercedes 280 that Jacky Ickx drove to victory that year, or you can download the 6-wheeled Mercedes 280 which unfortunately had to adbandon the race, but looks soo cool in the Zebra stripes. If I can find the pictures that Volker posted of his Museum build, I will share them in an edit.

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