Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Getting your Dakar fix from Amazon

In my best Thomas Magnum voice, "I know what you are thinking...." he isn't going to cut up a book is he?
For this entry I am.
I first became aware of this book, Voitures de Course by Patrick Pasques on Amazon, and I bought the original Frech version, that is now in the collection part.
After that, the goal was to find another copy, or maybe even an English version of the book.
Low and behold, I was able to land two copies of the English/Italian edition, if you want a copy for yourself and your collection, visit the link here.
Below is the Dakar content from the book, a Mitsubishi Lancer in the colors of the Repsol Ralliart team from the 2009 Dakar.
You get two copies of the car, the full color version, and an outline version to color yourself.

I have also attached the two covers of the two books I have in my collection.
An update will come once I have both versions of the Lancer made.

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