Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Want fries with your Dakar?

One of the fun things about Dakar are the strange or interesting vehicles that compete in the race, everything from Vespa scooters, the lowly Citroen CV2 or a massive 8x8 truck(looking at you Studebaker), new fuels have been introduced over the years, I have previously written about a race car running on used Tempura frying oil, well in 2009, they did something similar, a Belgian team running a Toyota HiLux pickup truck, with what most would consider should be belong in your local McDonalds, a deep fat fryer unit. This team reused the used up cooking oil, after filtration, as bio diesel, to compete in that years' race. Volker has released a model of this car, and you can get it from his racepaper.de site, by clicking on the Rallye tab, and clicking on Dakar(near the bottom of the page) and going to the 3rd page of models, and comes in his standard 1:43 scale. Of course I had to build this model
Reports say that the 2009 Bivouac was the best smelling one in a long time.

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